Jack Canfield’s Success Profiles DVDs featuring Steve Norton, PMP


Featuring Steve Norton on Increasing Productivity

Getting things done is essential for achieving goals. Yet many people become overwhelmed when faced with the challenge of identifying and planning the practical steps needed to turn a dream into a reality, particularly when pursuing a complex goal of juggling multiple goals.

But project management expert Steve Norton relishes such challenges, and in this idea-packed video, he’ll share dozens of insights and tips to help you organize your life. Implement his tips to increase your productivity… and achieve any dream, personal or professional.



You’ll be captivated by this inspiring interview and will learn:

3 Questions to ask yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed
5 P’s to do now to improve the organization and planning in your life
4 Tips for moving from being efficient to becoming truly effective
2 Techniques for planning and tracking complex projects in your personal or professional life.

This 12 DVD set, includes 12 bonus CDs and includes inspiring advice from trusted experts, such as:

Steve Norton – Increasing Your Productivity
Jack Canfield – Setting Your Goals
Ivan Misner – Expanding Your Team for Growth
James Malinchack – Mindset, Skillset, Get Off Your Assets
Tim Ferriss – Maximizing Results in Less Time
Deidre Hade – Spiritual Connection
Joe Sweeney – Networking for Greater Success
Lisa Nichols – Persistence Pays Off
Jim Bunch – Your 9 Environments
Alison Armstrong – Understanding the Opposite Sex
Les Hewitt – The Power of Focus
Marcia Wieder – Go for Your Dreams


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